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Major changes in this point system commence on the 24/1/2015

Message: We have realised that recently the group has been dead because admins haven't been active but this is due to us 3 are all in senior years and will soon be going into exams. So we hope that you guys understand that it has been extremely busy for us and it will also be in the future too. But we really want keep this group going so we'll be doing our best to keep events coming and taking suggestions and hopefully getting super group soon. So to also give us more time to do missions and plan ideas but it seems that just the 3 of us updating the points manually has been a challenge, so we have come to a decision that we will make the point system self-managed.

We really hope that you guys will understand and we will do our best in creating more events, any suggestions are always welcome.

Here are the changes:
- The point system of this group will be by self-management.
                (meaning that any submissions into the group will be automatically approved and points for your character will be inputted by you.)
Some rules that apply to this change are:
- DO NOT cheat *(please do not add extra points to yourself and follow the point guidelines this group will now be based on trust!)
- DO NOT submit into the wrong folder (please determine which folder would be best suited for your deviation)
- DO NOT change other people's score

If you happen to notice any one cheating you may report to any of admins privately and they will not reveal who you are.

When changing your own score:
- YOU MUST log in your deviation into the "RECENT" page (in the inventory front page)…
 *(You can leave the admin section blank)
- Remember to add your point onto your character
 *(You do not have to add points to your group, we will total up)

- If you do not put in the points and you want to submit to the group that is totally fine too but beware that your character will be lacking points that it deserves. You don't have to put it in when you submit, you can put it all in in one go last minute too.)

To start this process comment:
Character name:
Link to app:

Please comment if you have questions/inquires.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Kind Regards

We will be introducing a point system for this group.
Do not worry it will not be very hard to pass the criteria.

◆How does the system work?
Each person when they are accepted into the group would be given a number. Your name and number would be put into our members list. We then keep records of how many points you earn. There will be a ranking system to show who the top 10 is. At the end of each tournament the points would be refreshed.

◆Point System:
Literature/rp (700 words at least): 2 pt
Sketches / line art - 3 pt
Full colored drawings / 3 panel or more comics - 5 pts
Compulsory Tournament Drawing - 10 points
(note: We made the point system more simple because we don't want to get confused with complicated point giving system. I hope you find this easier too)

◆Where to submit?
You can submit artwork to our group gallery or you can submit to our tumblr. (for all your lazy artworks)
Do not submit to both areas. ONLY CHOOSE ONE PLEASE.

◆What prizes are there?
If you achieve first place within ranking you will have 3 random members drawing your character who are picked out by a random number generator.  The 3 people drawn will have until next tournament to submit their drawings. Points are also gained from drawing for the winner along with a special prize! (Responsibility can be refused but why would you want to turn this down? :iconlazeplz: )The drawing can be anything but sketch or line art. (Sketched comics are acceptable, 3 panels at least.)

◆Will other people see my points?
Yep! You can keep track of all points in a document. This means you can also see if your points have been inserted in correctly!

◆What if I don't submit anything?
If you, by the end of the tournament round, have gained under 10 points (if you draw for the tournament you automatically pass the criteria) you will be given a warning to have a second chance. You will need to pass the criteria next time. And if you do not you will be asked to leave the group. HOWEVER if you have a issue (eg. exam, school, sick, family problems etc) let us know and we will let it pass. You can get the warning taken back after 3 consecutive passes on criteria. Be careful only the strong survives!

uhm we're not that mean and strict so don't be afraid of us pls

Draw your own character cross-overed with your childhood/current show.


+ Extra points for doing event
+ Extra points for BG
+ Extra points for more than one character

More Journal Entries




In the alleyways of a mysterious city, lies three different types of fierce animals, one which are exceptionally different.
They hold metal bats and silver rods which they spend their days hunting and preying on the people they set their eyes on.

Are they humans?

No, they are simply animals in the form of a human.
They whom different to others have the power beyond human ability, indeed, a power of an animal.

Who will be the "Animal King" this month?

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This group is dead... I wanted to join but... Q A Q
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I-is this group still active? I'd love to be able to participate someday.
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ahhh I'm sorry but I'll be leaving the group b/c of my inactivity and my inactivity in the future... thank you for the opportunity to be in the group!! best of luck to you guys <33
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Hi guys! Mind adding me to the group? Thankieess~
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it was fun! Good luck with the group in the future! :^)
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